Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Have you found what you are looking for?

For most of my experience, I seem to discover new places, which end up being very special to me - the same way I connect with people: accidentally meant to be, at the right time precisely but the wrong moment and when I am not looking. So my question is: Do we really find what we are looking for? Or should we look for it to be found?

Whichever the case, the world does work in mysterious ways... but still, I can guarantee you that 9 out of 10 people will tell you that their favourite restaurant was found by chance on a hidden corner during a carefree stroll. (and that happens for the world's most known love stories to man kind and successful business ideas we hear about it). So my point is as much as I had promised for CLIP of the day to be - everyday - I would be lying to you if I had come here to write an article about something new, given CONNECT's latest happenings....

The same way you can't learn to have charisma or buy connections, you can't force spontaneity; you either have it or you don't. But ultimately that in it self can be the difference, and I have always been a strong believer that force should  never be imposed but rather always achieved. But I must confess that I have 'forced' myself to come here everyday since the 17th of June, I have continuously forced my self to write and failed. Everytime. Not because I fell out of it, but simply because my heart wasn't here. And that is most probably and the most logical explanation why we only have 1 heart, and why it will never truly function in two places at the same time. You cannot do everything at once. (Not if you truly put all of your heart on it). So like everything else in life, I made a choice and gave you nothing.  Absolutely nothing for ....days. No hint, no apologies or new CLIPS. And if for every choice a consequence, I must now reveal that I couldn't be happier with mine. It is with great joy that I can confirm that CONNECT has officially and successfully joined forces with two new international identities and is preparing  for the launch of a bigger and better new website by the begging of September 2012. That alone has taking more than my regular extra time since March and clearly a lot more of my body and mind, heart and soul lately...and it will continue to until early September. But these are very exciting times for all CONNECT members and the new ones to come....!

So with that being said, I thought I would lock today's CLIP of the day with a few suggestions for the summer straight from CONNECT members, fashion features editors, restauranteurs and  the coolest entrepreneurs....:

1 -This season's sunglasses hot picks - Westward Leaning &  Oliver Peoples 

2 -London's new Greek spot - Mazi Restaurant 

3 -Saint-Tropez's latest hotel found - White 1921  

4- New York's inexpensive opening  The Pod Hotel

5 -Brazil's promessing musical talent - Rodrigo Lampreia & Samba Santa Clara Project 

Well, wherever you are, I hope what you are looking for,  finds you. xx 

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