Wednesday, October 10, 2012

LAST CLIP OF THE DAY: Challenge Yourself. Always.

Good things come for those who wait, isn't that what they say? For those of you who are still Connected, all I say is bear with me. Clip by Connect is undergoing some major transformations for the moment and will soon be back with a lot of goodies in its bag.

We're talking about serious goodies, like hot stuff goodies, gangsta love goodies, diaboliquement cool goodies, snap that ass goodies... Goodie dope - (If you catch my drift...)

I'll still be connecting you with tips and links from all over the world. But since Clip by Connect is a branch of The Connect Club aaand The Connect Club is very soon to be launched, let's just call this a much needed extreme make over. Reason being? Challenge yourself. Always.

For all of you who have kept me company since the beginning of this blog, all I can say is Thank You (3x). It's been a hell of ride....


Friday, September 14, 2012

CLIP OF THE DAY: When we love something...

Today this quote got my attention:

When we love something, emotion often drives our actions.
This is the gift and the challenge entrepreneurs face every day.

The companies we dream of and build from scratch are part of us and intensely personal. They are our families. Our lives.

Work should be personal. For all of us. Work should have meaning, not just for the entrepreneur.

Haward Schultz - Starbucks President.

CLIPPING 3 tips:

-TOMOE - 172 Thompson Street, New York - by far the best sushi I have ever had.

-H&M  - and their new winter hats collection - @ines4connect instagram pic above.

-ONWARD - Starbucks book, NY Times bestseller, my latest reading.....insightful & greatly inspiring.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

CLIP OF THE DAY: To the ones who dream

In life there are the dreamers and the realists.....and as all matters of the heart it would be logical for alike souls to search for similar minds. So dreamers to seek for dreamers and the realists to look for realists...but the thing is, for any of them to really work, they need to connect with one another.

It must be said I grew up on that parallel universe, with very clear examples of both on each side of my family and I guess I am a product of that. And I too learned to navigate between my free minded spirit (one of a dreamer....) and strong raw personality (one of a realist). Constantly dwelling to abandon 'limbo' and pick a side; but funny enough my experience with CONNECT in the end thought me otherwise.  You gotta have both, and if naturally you don't than instinctively you will look for it on someone else, whether they become a mentor, your business partner, an inspiration or that push you secretly need.

To let you know one of the most honest reasons why I chose Art as my University path, was (and still is) because I have always loved to learn about all the different artists throughout history, try to understand their cultures, mixed influences and different interpretations of dreams and realities that so many of us seem to take for granted.  

See, artists make dreams real. - As simple as this. And whoever tries to over analyse it, is totally missing the point. My mother is a Museologist and she never so much as tried to lecture me about Art per say. She did point out directions, opened roads and shared some of her favourites over our family trips, but in the end, she always says: "like what you like; just because." That might also be a reason why I relate with people who are sensitive to Art; (the ones who like it for what it truly is), they are less cynical, they are 'dreamers' taking it all in, enjoying the ride, and not trying to make a point out of a white canvas with a dot. They do it, they like it, "jut because".

I guess you can say that is the case of Japanese acclaimed artist, Yayoi Kusama - she too, had her own dream, but the (too many) realists around her made it quite impossible for it to become true. - Perhaps, "just because".  Born in Matsumoto, the forth child of a traditional family, a mother who used to hide her brushes, saying she could not be an artist, Kusama struggled to make sure her dreams turned into reality. After long contradicting the rash 'realists' around her she studied painting in Kyoto during the 50's and later on moved to New York, after being frustrated with the 'squared' Japanese style, where she started painting under the influence of abstract expressionism, switching to sculpture and installation, before becoming associated with the pop movement during the 60's. Although 'forgotten' by some, Kusama served as great inspiration for icons such as Andy Warhol himself and is considered one of the most important artists of our times. In 2008 Christie's sold one of her works for $5.1 million, a record for a living female artist.

She is known for the polka dots works by a larger audience, most precisely since covering the facade of Louis Vuitton Fifth Avenue store, a fashion collaboration of merchandise being sold now with her signature. But after exhibiting at the Tate in London, its time for the Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art in New York to welcome her retrospective, to which I went this weekend and highly recommend all local 'Clippers' to go. 

Although Kusama has proven quite unique as far as experimenting with different media, her work (despite very varied)  is nevertheless consistent, and that becomes clear when looking at the micromanaged intricacy of her  drawings: veins that look like flowers turned into feelings expressed multidimensionally. Real hallucinations....or simply dreams? No one is really sure, but what matters is that she followed what she liked. "Just because". And you know what? From where I stand she did great. 

CLIP-IT: Kusama's "Fireflies on the Water" is also being shown at the Musuem's lobby in conjunction with her retrospective, but you must get there early in the morning as they become sold out by the first hour.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Clip of the day: Back and forth. Always here.

I have a soft spot for him....he is fun, generous, a good friend, smart and he works hard. We used to seat next to each other at the Brompton Brands office, and quoting our ex-boss: "you two together are worse than 2 little kids in school....if you didn't get your work done I would probably never agreed to that seating plan..." All true. Also true: that I became an admirer of his work ethics and how well he has done for himself. Needless to say we went our separate ways, I launched CONNECT and Jonny Boud...well, he created the popular 'Love Brunch' concept, represented Absolut in London, promoted the Rose club, developed "Young Thread" fashion label (which I became a great fan) and most recently opened Ping, (and he is making sure that all of the above are still happening). 

This is the thing about a real connection: it doesn't matter which course of the road we decide to take, when you understand each other's universe, like the same things, and respect the very fact that we all have individual paths - that is the glue that holds a friendship together. Evidently Im not 'clipping' about my friendship to Jonny, but I AM inviting my London friends to the ultimate ping-pong dinning experience and towns latest venue PING, where you can have traditional Italian pizzas, bruschettas, move to the bar with its extensive cocktail collection from mixologist Cris Cwiek (previously at Bungalow 8) and of course: play Ping Pong with your friends. Since I'm in New York, geography is keeping me away from enjoying all of it but thats the game itself: back and forth and whichever way, always here.  Well done Jonny, proud of you xxx 

Friday, July 27, 2012

CLIP OF THE DAY: I love Brooklyn.

The Village of Breuckelen, named for Breukelen (providence of Ultrecht) in the Netherlands was first inhabited by the Dutch and contemporary native americans in 1646. Known to us as: Brooklyn, this is the second-most densely populated county in the United States, after New York County (Manhattan, there is); but despite facts, walking around it actually feels like a ride around a local village... So what truly makes a city liveable or loveable? Its heritage, the neighbours, parks, your favourite restaurant, transportation, a good opportunity, convenience or love - simply? On my case, CONNECT did, and it took me around what is now one of my favourite places I want  to learn more about, Williamsburg. 

First and foremost I cannot possibly take the credits for my latest article, as I must thank my friend and talented photographer Pauline Rochas for connecting me around the hood as one should. Allow me to start by Williamsburg newest platonic idea of modern reborn from an old textile factory turned into towns hottest hotel and cutting edge rooftop meeting point for residents: The Wythe Hotel. 'where sleep is optional'. Well, in any case if you decide to, its not expensive either ($179 a night). Blending hip and raw industrial look with impressive hospitality, what I found interesting is that much of the furniture was actually (and very cleverly may I add) made from wood salvage during the renovation process and designed all by local craftsman. If you are there just for the ride check out the bar on the roof top; if you are in for the long one, make sure you eat at the Reynards Restaurant. Well, since food is on the menu, yesterday I had dinner at Aurora, a rustic little Italian spot where we all sat by the garden and enjoyed Tuscan finest bowls of pasta and white wine, priceless after a very long day of work. Speaking of which, have you checked the latest on CONNECT....?  

CLIP-IT - My next stop there: The outdoors cinema night at the Pier 1 Harbour SYFY Movies (starts at sunset, and it runs every Thursdays until August 30th) --  I do love Brooklyn. 

* Above picture courtesy of ines4connect on Instagram. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Have you found what you are looking for?

For most of my experience, I seem to discover new places, which end up being very special to me - the same way I connect with people: accidentally meant to be, at the right time precisely but the wrong moment and when I am not looking. So my question is: Do we really find what we are looking for? Or should we look for it to be found?

Whichever the case, the world does work in mysterious ways... but still, I can guarantee you that 9 out of 10 people will tell you that their favourite restaurant was found by chance on a hidden corner during a carefree stroll. (and that happens for the world's most known love stories to man kind and successful business ideas we hear about it). So my point is as much as I had promised for CLIP of the day to be - everyday - I would be lying to you if I had come here to write an article about something new, given CONNECT's latest happenings....

The same way you can't learn to have charisma or buy connections, you can't force spontaneity; you either have it or you don't. But ultimately that in it self can be the difference, and I have always been a strong believer that force should  never be imposed but rather always achieved. But I must confess that I have 'forced' myself to come here everyday since the 17th of June, I have continuously forced my self to write and failed. Everytime. Not because I fell out of it, but simply because my heart wasn't here. And that is most probably and the most logical explanation why we only have 1 heart, and why it will never truly function in two places at the same time. You cannot do everything at once. (Not if you truly put all of your heart on it). So like everything else in life, I made a choice and gave you nothing.  Absolutely nothing for ....days. No hint, no apologies or new CLIPS. And if for every choice a consequence, I must now reveal that I couldn't be happier with mine. It is with great joy that I can confirm that CONNECT has officially and successfully joined forces with two new international identities and is preparing  for the launch of a bigger and better new website by the begging of September 2012. That alone has taking more than my regular extra time since March and clearly a lot more of my body and mind, heart and soul lately...and it will continue to until early September. But these are very exciting times for all CONNECT members and the new ones to come....!

So with that being said, I thought I would lock today's CLIP of the day with a few suggestions for the summer straight from CONNECT members, fashion features editors, restauranteurs and  the coolest entrepreneurs....:

1 -This season's sunglasses hot picks - Westward Leaning &  Oliver Peoples 

2 -London's new Greek spot - Mazi Restaurant 

3 -Saint-Tropez's latest hotel found - White 1921  

4- New York's inexpensive opening  The Pod Hotel

5 -Brazil's promessing musical talent - Rodrigo Lampreia & Samba Santa Clara Project 

Well, wherever you are, I hope what you are looking for,  finds you. xx 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

CLIP OF THE DAY: Off to the Hamptons

There has been quite a phenomenal new trend in the Hamptons this summer: the re-birth of old roadside motels architecturally revamped (you might have seen them in several movies: one or two story houses with rooms facing the pool...) they are usually quite modest but well situated. Well, if simplicity and great location is your motto, then my guess is that you will love the most recent boutique gem hidden outside New York: Capri Hotel in Southampton. Think bright beachy look, fresh, hip decor, with all-white bedrooms designed by Cythia Rowley and a NOBU restaurant inside with music playing until 1a.m.(not 'so' modest I guess...). Well, it has to be said that while prepping for CLIP of the day's calendar, one of my good friend's msg with pictures from their fun Saturday there made me somehow start embracing the fact that I have to be in New York City working during the summer while some of you enjoy Europe's Mediterranean finest 'dolce fare niente' and got me looking forward to my first break as soon as I have crossed the Atlantic. If  (and when) The HAMPTONS is on your mind - don't forget to go to Candy Kitchen everyone's favourite hangout for classic ice-cream or Lime Rickey drink. Book a table at The Lobster Roll (kitsch-looking restaurant famous for their seafood). If you want to get a grasp of why 'everybody who is anybody' goes to the Hamptons, then make your way to Nick & Toni's (house speciality: Italian food and celebrities....). My family's regular stop when we are there: Harper's book, CONNECT friend, Harper Levine's super cool bookshop and art gallery. CLIP - As you can imagine being half-Brazilian myself, picking a beach spot to suggest you out there isn't something I'm particularly excited, as I think about the Hamptons as a nice place to visit as whole, and not somewhere you go for the 'best white sand summer' experience and they are quite often very similar to one another also; in any case, I have been to the Main beach in East Hampton and Gibson Beach in Sagaponack and can recommend both. In essence, between pool parties, champagne brunches, polo matches, charity garden events or quite down time around East areas, one way or the other this where New Yorker's always (and still) are to be found from these months onwards....and in this case so will I. Have a great week clippers, I. xx