Friday, July 27, 2012

CLIP OF THE DAY: I love Brooklyn.

The Village of Breuckelen, named for Breukelen (providence of Ultrecht) in the Netherlands was first inhabited by the Dutch and contemporary native americans in 1646. Known to us as: Brooklyn, this is the second-most densely populated county in the United States, after New York County (Manhattan, there is); but despite facts, walking around it actually feels like a ride around a local village... So what truly makes a city liveable or loveable? Its heritage, the neighbours, parks, your favourite restaurant, transportation, a good opportunity, convenience or love - simply? On my case, CONNECT did, and it took me around what is now one of my favourite places I want  to learn more about, Williamsburg. 

First and foremost I cannot possibly take the credits for my latest article, as I must thank my friend and talented photographer Pauline Rochas for connecting me around the hood as one should. Allow me to start by Williamsburg newest platonic idea of modern reborn from an old textile factory turned into towns hottest hotel and cutting edge rooftop meeting point for residents: The Wythe Hotel. 'where sleep is optional'. Well, in any case if you decide to, its not expensive either ($179 a night). Blending hip and raw industrial look with impressive hospitality, what I found interesting is that much of the furniture was actually (and very cleverly may I add) made from wood salvage during the renovation process and designed all by local craftsman. If you are there just for the ride check out the bar on the roof top; if you are in for the long one, make sure you eat at the Reynards Restaurant. Well, since food is on the menu, yesterday I had dinner at Aurora, a rustic little Italian spot where we all sat by the garden and enjoyed Tuscan finest bowls of pasta and white wine, priceless after a very long day of work. Speaking of which, have you checked the latest on CONNECT....?  

CLIP-IT - My next stop there: The outdoors cinema night at the Pier 1 Harbour SYFY Movies (starts at sunset, and it runs every Thursdays until August 30th) --  I do love Brooklyn. 

* Above picture courtesy of ines4connect on Instagram. 


  1. Wow!! I really love your clips!

  2. Cool :-) Nice to know your are in NYC. Enjoy querida. Great Clips as usual!