Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hello Clippers - I understand you have all wondered what happened to Clip of the Day these past 3 days... Well as we approach the end of the year its time for Connect Committee to gather on conference calls and name their official Ambassadors based upon this year's pro activity. This meant that "blogging" in real time (like you are all used to by now) was simply not possible for me...In any case I thought today I would share a picture with all of you - that one illustrates how prepping for research and magazine "paper clipping" looks like on my Universe :--) Meanwhile I hope you took the time to have a look at some of the Institutions that I had the privilege of volunteering for and managed to 'take an extra mile' in your lives too. (In whatever way you can find). After Christmas, New Year's and social duties special editions behind us - stay tuned for CLIP of the DAY's return this week! And look out for CONNECT's new platform for 2012...are you in?