Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: Think outside the box

True - not everybody's business are going well, (specially at this point) I do get it and despite being happy as a clam with Connect I read what's been going on in the world... but - if there is something I am a true believer and great admirer are people who "think outside the box" (that and the ones who "take their pleasures seriously") as you all know by now... Well on that note, say hello to Boxpark the world’s very first pop-up mall made completely from shipping containers. (How clever is that)? Located in London and in the heart of cool Shoreditch area (next to the underground station) the mini shopping centre just opened their multiple unpretentious, trendy and eco-friendly doors this week. Needless to say that this has been the buzz of the town for this Christmas shopping. If you are in London walk on the pedestrian-friendly box world, because they are packed with popular stores (think Lacoste, Puma, etc) - this time all compact (taking up only 1 to 3 containers) and complete with a mix of international fashion, arts and lifestyle ‘box shops’, galleries and cafes... Happy Shopping!

A special thanks to my lovely friend Kabir Chibber for keeping me in the loop! - K. is not only a Connect member but also an extremely talented writer for the New York Times, BBC and the senior editor of Port Magazine my latest CLIP obsession.  

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