Monday, August 22, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: A 'novel' way of networking...

Two weeks ago a dear friend of mine from school invited me for a "Book Swap Party" - at first I was intrigued, but closer to the day my feelings unfold into pure curiosity and as for most of my life, eargerness and interest always seem to get the best of me, there I went... and quoting him "out of my confort zone" all the way to Hackney, in East London. As we were walking while cathing up on what we have been doing lately, we sudently crossed a vague and somewhat remote street , went through a what seemed to be secret yellow door that lead to the basement of a private members club where I was quickly introduced to Jolyon Varley.  Jolyon is a quite impressive mix of a smart elegant British young men meets bohemian and free spirit character, he is also one of the creative forces behind A Tale of Three Cities project - a very first printed arts journal to be simultaneiosly represented in Berlin, London and Paris that showcases works of established and the new emerging writers and artists in each city. The Book Swap Party? "Just" and probably one of the best excuses and absolutely briliant way of promoting this outstanding project that has turned into a series of very sucessful and (as far as I'm concerned) really fun parties to go to. Look out for their next event, bring a book (I obviously brought my "One Day" and swapped by "The Day of the Triffids"). And as I wait for their next big event, my CLIP of the day goes to anybody who would be interested in sponsoring Tale of Three, writing about it or daring to learn more about if for their own city: Clip this Connection in mind, as R.D. Cumming said: A good book has no ending. 

And this fantastic group is definetely just getting started...


  1. Fantastic - thanks for the write-up Ines.

  2. Muito legal! Pra quem gosta de ler olha que coisa divertda!
    Beijos Ini and keep them cominga :-P