Sunday, August 21, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: La Vie en Rose

La vie en Rose, that famous french expression when everything goes well, according to plan and life is just breezy - well that is exactly how your next trip to London or future big event should be....Meet Rosa Mello Rego, a special connect ambassador who is about to - simply - make your life easier. Portuguese buoyant and charmer, Rosa has been living in London for over a decade now and her experience working for some of the prestigious art galleries in town allowed her to gain access  to otherwise impossible to get in venues (let alone host an event there) kind-of-places.  As  dynamic and distinctive as the city she now calls her own, Rosa has become quite the cultural little black book disguised on her blond locks and pretty smile; owning the trust of not only many visitors that are looking for a unique time in London but for a great part of us Londoners who so wrongly think we have seen it all.....So thanks for proving us wrong Rosa.

CLIP-IT: Simply Rosa next time fun, doing something different or London comes to your mind.

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