Wednesday, August 03, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: All roads lead to you

On my last semester of University, my dear flatmate, uni pal and great Italian friend Umberta and I trade London's night club dance floors for the classic V&A pavement (across the street from our flat). We would most likely be found on the second floor, more precisely: at The National Art Library instead. It was evidently time for preparation for final exams and our thesis, and a kind of focus we could never seem to find at home when we were together. While I was meticulously analyzing Anish Kapoor works of Art in India during the 80's, Umberta was between The British Art Library and jetting off to Turin for coffee and conversations with Art Povera's forerunner: Michelangelo Pistoletto himself (a family friend). 
So you are in the know, Art Povera, ("poor art") was a reactionary movement that rejected Italy’s fascist past and the more commercial approach of Pop Art. "Instead, art was created from found objects such as old newspaper and discarded industrial materials in an attempt to simultaneously unearth and anchor roots in time, in nature, in matter". 
Today is my last day in Rio and as I'm packing to Europe, I just found out that my favorite London Hyde Park corner The Serpentine Gallery is currently featuring Pistolleto's latest exhibition: "The Mirror of Judgement". A labyrinth made of cardboard was smartly designed for you to move from one sanctuary to another in a way that the place where you began from has a completely new meaning. According to British Newspaper The Guardian: "It is the best use of the Serpentine's circle of galleries imaginable". My Clip has been placed and you know where to find me in just a few days...
If you are in London and strolling by the park there is a certain one of a kind cardboard installation acting as a reminder of judgment and man’s responsibility that you should definitely take a look and judge for yourself!