Friday, August 05, 2011


My sincere appologies for not Clipping yesterday, (wasn't expecting e-mails from you asking about it)! Very glad, nevertheless. Between landing from Brazil and trying to recover from a flu and a temperature, my computer was off limits and so were my notes & paperclips. As I'm back on track today and as per promissed I'm sharing the latest from my trip and what's new in town!
Straight from Rio de Janeiro:

*Meza Bar cool owner, (friend of friends of mine) Fábio Battistella just opened his newest project: DOIZ, my favorite discovery while in Rio this week! More like a club rather than a bar, Doiz has quickly become Carioca's favorite hot spot to lounge around at night this South American winter.

*One of Rio de Janeiro's most prestigious and busy streets: Rua Dias Ferreira in Leblon just welcomed yet another great bar Q. Fun, elegant and simple, the same owners of popular Quadrucci, Q gastrobar  opened less than two months ago but make sure to call before as their recipe for sucess is proving to be very effective! 

CLIP -IT: Q-Eat: Mix de Boteco, Salmon Roll with Wasabi spawn & frozen Vodka. Q-Drink: Aperol.