Friday, July 01, 2011


It all started in Britain during the 1880's as a row of books that stood up along the center of a table as a net and two more books used as rackets to hit a golf-ball from one end of the table to the othe played among the british upper-class as an after-dinner parlour game. Later, table tennis was played with paddles made of cigar box lids and balls made of champagne corks...! The popularity of the game led game manufacturers to sell the equipment commercially. Early rackets were often pieces of parchment stretched upon a frame and the sound of it hiting the ball was called: "ping-pong". The next major innovation happened in 1901 when James Gibb discovered celluloid balls on a trip to the US followed by E.C. Goode who invented the modern version of the racket by fixing rubber to the wooden blade, making it one of the most popular games throughout the 1900's.

Two summers ago just when New York thought it had seen it all: a revolutionary new ping-pong social club called SPiN Galactic opened its first (of many) doors. - I mean where else can you play ping-pong while sipping a cocktail or watch a professional ping-pong match played by models?
The SPiN ping-pong concept, was created by Academy Award-winning actor Susan Sarandon who says: “Ping-Pong is the ultimate ice breaker on a first date; it's a game where you don’t have to be great to have fun.” (very true as far as I'm concerned). The sucess was instant and SPiN club can now be found in New York, St. Petersburg (Florida), Toronto, Milwaukee and rumor has it they will open one in Sao Paulo.You can also get a membership card where you will have discounts and priority on bookings as well as access to special events. SPiN Galactic cards range from $65 a month for an individual membership to $900 for the family annually.

Spining around town with my GALACTIC CONNECTION

Super-model Alise Shoemaker and I met in New York's hot spot Bar Pitti at a friends lunch. While I was catching up with my dear friend, property mogul Richard Livingstone, who was in town from London, Alise was helping her sister blow her birthday candles. Needles to say that it was one of those table arragements where someone knows someone but there is no direct connection to everybody and everyone ends up staying friends as there is no other choice but to try and mingle...! Between wine and explaining how Connect started, Alise looked at me and said: Have you heard of SPiN? the time lunch was finished we had already exchanged numbers and I had a date with a ping-pong racket the following Friday. So happens to be, Alise (now a Connect member) is the PR and membership manager responsible for making New York SPiN and according to her Friday is the night to go. (hence why I wrote about it today...)  
CLIP-IT and get ready for fun and a downright new addiction in your life!


  1. You're right Ines, SPIN is addictive! Was there 2 weeks ago with friends

  2. We should organise a night at SPiN upon your return Miss Connect!! xoxo