Thursday, June 30, 2011


Some pursue happiness - others create it.

Wherever you are reading this from: seat back, think about your happiness and just it: feed it, read it, breath it and never fear it: it will be the most powerful instrument you will ever own in your life.

Sometimes we get lost along the way and get influenced by external factors, media being one of them. On another great atempt to market all that is around us, media seemed to have created sereval drive through happy meal packages in which we should find "happy" to go; but from where I'm standing that's just far from what happiness really is to me. We do live on an artificial advertising world, idealized by stereotypes of happiness, which do not correspond to our daily reality, but on the 2nd of july you get to change that and prove them wrong making it right through your own photographs, no touch up's, insted: the real deal. How? Wallpeople, an urban collaborative art project that incentivates people to create a unique moment in an urbarn space, presents this year's project: The Wall Mural of Happiness. This Saturday, over 20 cities simultaneously get to be the real protagonist of a unique exhibition: a wall turned into a improvised open-air museum where everyone can share and show their pictures of their true and personal vision of happiness. This time I won't advise you to CLIP-it, but insted dare you to go out and look for where it will be happening in your own town:  Happiness: just do it.

HAPPY CONNECT and my newest friend crush: Mariana Duarte Silva, a force of nature who's purpose on this earth is making it a better place by developing some of the most interesting musical and artistic projects around the globe and bringing them closer to us. She is also responsible for Clipping WALLPEOPLE in Portugal.

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