Saturday, July 02, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: Brunch Away


Heading for brunch at Deli Deluxe in sunny Lisbon with my friend and VOGUE's editor-in-chief, Patricia Barnabe.....bliss!

I'm a firm beliver of brunches - to me they are the best way for a proper laid back catch up with friends and something I should do more often with my family as they end up being so much fun when we do...

Where you are most likely to find me on Saturday mornings:

LISBON - Deli Deluxe Delicatessen  with Mariana Melo, Barao, Pat, Sara & Ines FR....

RIO DE JANEIRO - Garcia Rodrigues  with my loving family: sister Sara, Mom, Nini, Luly...

LONDON - Aubaine  with my girls - Carol Bononi, Cat A, Rafaela F, Gabriela Bevilacqua....

NEW YORK - Freeman's with Damian, or  Andre Albarran (all the time...)!

Find a spot & call a friend and brunch away....I am.


  1. HHHmmmm made me hungry! Just to add... Rio de janeiro: Brunch at Parque Lage! xoxo

  2. Made me hungry too! Looooove Aubaine! I like your Clips Ines