Thursday, July 14, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: A Parallel Universe

When I was 12 I moved from Brazil to Portugal, (and it wasn't easy...) but my very first 2 friends Pedro Patrocinio and his brother Mario made it a little easier for me. What we have lived together since that afternoon when we met in August in 1992 wouldn't fit in all "CLIPS" of the day....but there is one thing I must share with you: GET TO KNOW THESE 2 BROTHERS!! In 2007, they moved to Brazil, during the period of stronger tension and violence in Rio (they closely lived the largest police operation ever launched in that state) - with an open heart, free from prejudgement and courage beyond mesure they felt in their skin what it is to wake up with the sound of gun fire ad often to sleep accompanied by shots. YES - they moved to the largest agglomerate of favelas of Latin America: "Complexo o Alemao". With no support from any institution, they did what NO ONE has ever done before: a true documentary that shows us a dangerous and complex system, a parallel universe inserted in a larger order, a world apart, made of REAL PEOPLE. Word's can't express what this project means to me (for so many reasons)...all I can say is take the time to watch it. I was blessed to be part of it, and to watch it on the opening night with both of them and our friends who went to show their support and appreciation of such an outstanding and beautiful work.
COMPLEX - A PARALLEL UNIVERSE has won the Artivist Film Festival 2010 - for Best Feature International Human Rights. CONGRATS PêPê & Marinho - So very proud of you!



  1. I just want to say that I don't know you personally but I friend posted ur blog on her wall and I have been following it since. You are beautiful and cultured - surrounded by very interesting people. congrats xx

  2. woww - that is very kind, thank you. Glad you enjoy reading CLIP x