Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: Royal Rowing

Hooray is Henley day!
Today starts one of my favorite british events of the year: Henley Royal Regatta.
The first Henley Regatta was held in 1839, staged by the mayor and people of Henley. Since then it has been held every year (except during the First and Second World Wars) and it gained royal patronage in 1851 from Prince Albert, changing its name to Henley Royal Regatta. The regatta lasts for 5 days - Wednesday to Sunday - always on the first weekend in July. Competitors race over a course of 1 mile (2,112 m). As the regatta pre-dates any national or international rowing organisation, it has its own rules and for most of its existence has only been open to male competitors, but in 1975 women participated for the first time. With picnics in the sunshine, cool brits and international viewers are often seen wearing panama hats and participants (when not rowing) wearing matching college blazers from their rowing club or University. It's a very classic british day out, where tradition meets fun and an event that attracts over 750,000 visitors each year...! Last year I went with my friends and co-workers. Luckly for me the events company where I was marketing director is resposible for the Royal Regatta's popular afterparty every year at Mahiki's Pop-up Club.

How to get there? Take the train from London Paddington station
Dress code? Only if you go to Stewards' Enclosure
Party? Mahiki Tent - get your VIP wristband with my dear friend

CONNECTION - one I would really like to thank: Alice-Maud Apponyi for being such a generous host and showing me to her beautiful home town. Lovely Guy Schwarzenbach for inviting me to his incredible boat where we all watched the fire works at night and carried on partying for another 2 memorable days with his friends! So you know Guy's father Urs Schcwarzenbach is also Henley's River and Rowing Museum's patron and The Rowing gallery is named after him and worth visiting.

CLIP- IT on your diary and make sure you go once in your life...or twice...! (Think Connect).