Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: Changing China

Shanghai’s new Museum of Glass opened last month as part of Shanghai’s campaign of becoming a globally important cultural and creative centre by launching 100 museums in a decade!
Shanghai-based German architectural firm Logon single handled all its architecture and this is what you need to know about the museum:

1 -WHO? Coordination Asia responsible for the entire museum concept.
2- WHAT? G+  represents the countless possibilities found in glass.
3- WHERE? G+ Park where you can view glass's historical, artistic and scientific achievements.
4- WHY? To be a pedagogic museum and to bring understanding of glass to the public.


Born from a Portuguese Noble family but raised in Belgium, our paths crossed when we both lived in Lisbon. Luis Estarreja is that kind of friend that you just can't help but to admire, after living in Australia and New Zeland he moved to Shaghai and never looked back. Today Luis is the creative director at Pitchen Networks - China's leading integration marketing engine.
Funny enough while we were catching up, Luis was siping Belgian beers at DI SUI DONG a typical chinese restaurant! You might want to CLIP-IT as its known for shanghai's tastiest pork ribs, but be advised as they use malagetas like salt on their dishes! Luis's tips for Connect Clippers:

Dinning  12 chairs by David Laris. (My favorite)!
Partying  M1nt - the worlds first shareholders club with 25 meter shark tank and a 360 degrees view
Sleeping Hyatt on the Bund (best view) or Waldorf Astoria on the Bund (best service).

I hope this can be useful, you never know when you will be going to China... (neither do I).