Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Clip of the day: Back and forth. Always here.

I have a soft spot for him....he is fun, generous, a good friend, smart and he works hard. We used to seat next to each other at the Brompton Brands office, and quoting our ex-boss: "you two together are worse than 2 little kids in school....if you didn't get your work done I would probably never agreed to that seating plan..." All true. Also true: that I became an admirer of his work ethics and how well he has done for himself. Needless to say we went our separate ways, I launched CONNECT and Jonny Boud...well, he created the popular 'Love Brunch' concept, represented Absolut in London, promoted the Rose club, developed "Young Thread" fashion label (which I became a great fan) and most recently opened Ping, (and he is making sure that all of the above are still happening). 

This is the thing about a real connection: it doesn't matter which course of the road we decide to take, when you understand each other's universe, like the same things, and respect the very fact that we all have individual paths - that is the glue that holds a friendship together. Evidently Im not 'clipping' about my friendship to Jonny, but I AM inviting my London friends to the ultimate ping-pong dinning experience and towns latest venue PING, where you can have traditional Italian pizzas, bruschettas, move to the bar with its extensive cocktail collection from mixologist Cris Cwiek (previously at Bungalow 8) and of course: play Ping Pong with your friends. Since I'm in New York, geography is keeping me away from enjoying all of it but thats the game itself: back and forth and whichever way, always here.  Well done Jonny, proud of you xxx 


  1. Ohhh Ines.....great one....we miss you in London blondie.... Come back soon! xx

  2. Nice one :-))Vou tar em Londres em Setembro! Gostava de conhecer o Ping :-) Beijao!!