Friday, June 15, 2012

CLIP OF THE DAY: What I get is what you see.

She is determined to redefine memories as we known them - daring and talented that is for sure - she is also hip and gracious and a friend; the kind you just easily welcome into your life because what you see is what you get. Although based in London, Mariana Mauricio just landed in Sao Paulo today... to present her first solo exhibition in Brazil. Her work is based on the use of photographs found in various forms, from her personal collection to old albums, Mariana explores shrouded emotions, and the everlasting possibilities of affective interaction of a memory that up until then wasn't even ours. (will it ever be)? I have soft spot for her pieces because after music, photography rules my universe... In this exhibition, Mariana gives a distinct tone to her reinterpretation process, since the works have the original photograph on which she intervenes. Mariana works around the concern of these people to register and legitimize every moment, by 'destroying' and re interpreting it at the point of being completely distorted and re-filled with her own affection. Quite interesting her studio is a chaotic space of memories "stolen" or rather 'borrowed', which now belongs to them only by their marks, and territory. Transcending every stage of the record imagery and breaking emotional layers makes you think what really truly belongs to you? A picture or a moment? Maybe not 'every thing you see' is what you get after all...but knowing that for every picture there is a million unique and (as valid as) interpretations, then I guess for every moment unparalleled existences too... 

Wishing Mariana a great trip & all the success on another step of her career surely turned into a fond 'memory'. Check her work out from 19th June -21st July at Galeria Leme in Sao Paulo. I. xx