Friday, November 25, 2011

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Christmas Shopping

Clip special edition wishlist #5 Music 

 Frank Sinatra and Marylin Monroe 1954


Music - Like love trough your veins: the invisible chemist that stirs all inner madness into beats, takes over your body, plays with your mind, releases fears, fears nothing. Fuels bliss and takes part in every inch of your existence: your memories, emotions, thoughts, doubts, the same that steals tears and rescues your laughter back. Like love to your heart you may choose to soak it all, play along, be bother, fall, fight, misinterpret words but you can never ignore it. Because living without love is not living and  love without music never worked. 

                                                Toca do Vinicius shop in Rio de Janeiro            
                                        LED ZEPPLIN at Honest Jon's records- vinyl specialist
                                               Roberts Radios (Cath Kidston Special Edition)
                                            Get them at the beautiful Eva Allard Interiors shop

                                                     Bossa nova at Biscoito fino Kiosks

                                             Cool and favorite sounds at Rough Trade Shop

                                           Retro guitar accessories at DRNO-effects

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