Thursday, November 10, 2011


The new Florence and the Machine album: Ceremonials is out and I have offcially fallen in love all over again. Sounds that vibrate like a melodic fairy tale are interpreted by the sheer force of a unique and powerful voice: Florence's - as if trying to anounce a God's cerimonial  indeed - imagination plays its best part in form of mysterious masks, nostalgic love, agony, drums, prayers all rolled up on her latest single: Shake It Out -  a  loud and completetly addictive beat  and a kind of song you can't help but  to press repeat.  Her entire work itsn't something you can easily ignore which it seems, few have - (after performing "Dog Days are over" at the last MTV Video awards, the next day, Florence was the most searched name on Google).  The owner of a uncomparable style, untethered to any typical pop genres, punk, metal or even in this case she really is the soul - herself - So, Leave all your love and your longing behind you - And press play - the dog days are over -Thank you Florence! 

CLIP-IT:  4th Dec in Chicago, IL - Chicago Theatre - Holiday concert