Tuesday, July 12, 2011


First and foremost: Thank You all  so much for your kind messages, e-mails, FB, bbm's, even phone calls today! A special thank you for Patricia Barnabe, a friend, an extraordinary woman and Vogue's editor-in-chief for Portugal, who has been wanting to feature me but we could never find the right timming. Well, CONNECT made it possible! It all happened on a calm afternoon while I was in New York - Manuel Arnault, who is responsible for Vogue's Living section and the man who nicknamed me an "Opulent Nomad" and I talked about what I love the most: to travel. Vogue's Living section happens to be one of my favorite pages as Mr. Arnault always writes about the latest hotspots around the globe and the new trends that are worth reading more about. My Vogue's always have paperclips and this month he made it even more special to me...Obrigada!

CLIP-IT: My scoop this month - shopping online at COCO RIBBON, going to Alexander McQueen's exhibition Savage Beauty at the MET in New York, staying at the Babington House for a countryside get away, wearing British Colony and Beach Couture (2 Brazilian favorite designers), finding Dior's new mascara ICONIC & listening to Bossa Nova (as always...).