Sunday, July 03, 2011


THEY ARE BACK & in VOGUE!! (have they ever left...)?

BICYCLE: The first human means of transport to use only two wheels invented by the German Baron Karl Von Drais and "officially" introduced to the public in Paris in 1818. Re-designed in the 1860s, by Pierre Michaux and Lallement, who added a mechanical crank drive with pedals on the front wheel...and the world has never been the same. From sports, movies, quotes inspired by it to professions that depend on it, bicycles have always been part of our lives one way or the other....and that used to be ok with me. But when 2 of my friends in NY (Andre A and Benny Aires P) sent me proud pictures of their newest acquisition: a bike on the same week, Carol B & Maria Braga started bragging about cycling around sunny London, and Barao meeting me on his stylish bike...well me it was time to CLIP about it!


1- My favorite in New York

Landmark Vintage - A charming shop that restores and sells vintage bicycles from the 1950s to the 1990s, (specializing in Schwinns and Raleighs) with a selection ranging from $175 for 1980s or an antique Bridgestone from the 1930s ($1,000).

2-'Pimp my ride' - the acessories

*My bookman light (found it at Cool Hunter) LOVE IT!
*Leather trunk by Pinel e Pinel
*iBike app by MAC

3- New in town
Ktrak a bike that changes your regular sports bike to a bike that can ski!
Project Xylon wooden bikes & Concept bikes by designer Alex Suvajac.

4 -Make a day out of it:
Rent a vintage bike in New York: for $35 a day, cycle alongside Tejo River in Lisbon and Ipanema beach or get London newest super cool cycling routes designed by Simon Parker and enjoy the ride!

Trendiest CONNECT bike owners: Friends - Tommy Hilfiger's Randy Cousin, Club owner Piers Adam, movie director Guy Ritchie, brazilian buddy Isabel Cantidiano, sports men Eduardo Juaçaba & Pedro Rufino...


  1. hahaha They never left! Cool tips xx

  2. Where did you hear about London's new cycling routes?? I like that idea

  3. Ciao Francesca, read it on Monocle, they featured a note on it ;-) You should try them out - they are like the "tube map" cycling version of it!
    keep clipping xx