Sunday, July 31, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: Do you have tickets?

GREAT NEWS! there is life in the absence of ElBulli after all Clippers...

After working with tapas in ElBulli (officially closed yesterday for 3 years for molecular research and the creation of its own foundation) the owner for the world's most celebrated restaurant Ferran Adrià  teamed up with his brother Albert and decided to develop a global concept which links gastronomy to a way of understanding life. "An amusing way of eating that turns the eater into an interpreter of a theatre play, of a chorus magazine, of a circus variety, being the character of a fairy play. It is a staging of real life". Tickets Tapas bar consists in different areas and they all need reservations (think a 3 month waiting list currently). As if it wasn't hard enough to get in, the two Spanish Brothers also involved Iglesias’ brothers, Juan Carlos, Borja and Pedro to help create what's now considered the coolest place to eat Tapas ever. As you walk in the first area called La Presumida you will enjoy the true reflection of Mediterranean food, followed by La Estrela bar (the meeting point bar), next to Camarote de los Marx in the local entrance, where  clients who enter the place are welcomed in a rather theatrical and original way. Adjacent to Tickets there is 41 a cocktail and molecular snack's bar, where you will meet "Rafa" a discreet and cordial southern man who is en charged of this season's (and more to come) hottest entrance door....Start thinking CONNECT and working your charm....because if you don't have "tickets" you are not going anywhere around here. CLIP-IT in mind next time you are coming to Spain! I most definitely have and can't wait for a second molecular experience! 

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