Sunday, June 26, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: Sunday Society

Sundays at the Westbourne Pub Appreciation Society*

Regardles of where you are in the world there is something about Sundays and a sense of purpose or rather lack of ....Is it really the end of the weekend or the start of a new week? Should we organise our wardrobes, catch up on our paperwork, visit our family or take the most of our free time and hang out with our friends? Whatever that is, all the people that I have ever crossed paths with on this earth had those thoughts and we laughed about it together over how "depressing Sundays are" or how "thank GOD its Sunday today" ...! As a result of so many of these moments something called: Sundays at the Westbourne Pub Apppreciation Society was born. Founded by my friend and Parisian bon vivant Alex Zaluski, the SWPA Society was a sort of code club for those who just liked to lay low on Sundays, enjoyed a home meal without having to cook it, drank good beer surrounded by their friends and good looking people. Yes, good looking people accidently became part of the equation and what started of as just a group of friends who shared commun interests became a social statement in London and we set a trend.  In 2008 British newspaper Observer said "The place looks more like a home than a pub… and all the little details bring the place to life. It really is a social meeting place".

How I met Alex Zaluski? On a Sunday afternoon at The Westbourne (where else...)? After winning a bet set by a friend of mine, in which the prize was a dinner for 2 anywhere I wanted in London. The bet? Silly as can be when in the presence of wine & friends: I had go to his table at take his hat off, more like win his atention (oh well...British Pub behaviour) while he was happily chating away surrounded by Camern Electras (like he nicknamed them). His fairplay when I did so and sense of humor was the common glue that hold us together and we became friends since that day. Alex is to me a true character: fun, generous, smart, hardworking, worldly (2 years ago he droped his job as a banker and went travelling around the world). He is also ridiculously charming and so good looking that he should pay more taxes to the French Government. Few weeks later after winning my Sunday bet and a new friend, I was invited by Alex to be part of the Westbourne pub appreciation Society, and later on I was appointed Portuguese/Brazilian Ambassador & PR by the board. The rest is history... So you are in the know, SWPA Society members included business men Paul Miliotis and Raphael Levy, Burberry PR and loving friend Rafaela Feio, it carioca girl Betina de Luca, talented artist Rose Klabin and Alexia Niedzielski (featured on Vanity Fair 09 and Charlotte Casiraghi's collaborator on the Loro-Piana funded project).

What we eat*
Starter - Half a Dozen Maldon Rock Oysters with Bloody Mary Salsa and Lemon
Main - Roast Cornfed Chicken Breast with Butterbeans, Fennel, Chorizo & Aioli

What we drink*
Pimms English-style: gin, carbonated lemonade with apple, cucumber and orange.
Pint of Kronenbourg 1664 beer


  1. How I miss Pimms in an English summer evening! Great article!

  2. Me too Tots, SO much!!! Almost got into a plane when I published this! And you were there that day!! ;--) Missing those days....and you too!! Thks for being a proactive Clipper! x

  3. Ini, I remember this day as if it was yesterday! Great time, great drinks, amazing friends and lot of fun together! Can't wait to catch up again :) X

  4. Uau...what can I say...really miss it as well...I can even feel the vibe :)
    great, great article Ines!
    lots of love. Simone xx