Saturday, June 25, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: Right here, Right now.

I'll be honest, today won't be a regular Clip of the day and this is as far as my internet will go.

Let's be resonable - and by that I mean I was thoughtful enough to show you a picture for all of you connect clippers around the globe to help illustrate my line of thought for you. This is where I'm clipping you from right now and this is my hometown: Portugal. It's Saturday, it's hot, I'm a nice person, and I can't wait to catch up with my friends. (fair enough I think). Guicho beach is in Cascais, a beautiful seaside village 20 mins away from Lisbon. Despite having been raised in Rio de Janeiro as a kid, this is where my grandparents had a house and where I spent most of my European summers. Its a special place to me, and one I really suggest you come and visit. From June until September, Guicho beach (when its not windy) its surrounded by young surfers, the local Teen Vogue cover girls, mingled with some of the most influencial names of Portuguese society. Don't be surprised if you also bump into world champion surf super star Kelly Slater (a regular) or hollywood actor Jared Leto, Cameron Diaz's ex and Annabelle Wallis's good pal. Its precisely this blond bombshell rising actress that Im about to meet for a most attecipated catch up. Although we are both working in New York, we seem to travel more often and faster than the speed of light, so Portugal its just perfect for some quality time. Yesterday we emailed each other and Cascais was of course the meeting point. Annabelle is in town with her beau (she was raised here) and resting from two big movie productions and is due back in NYC very soon to continue shooting ABC's newest tv series: PAN AM with Christina Ricci by the same producers of E.R. Pan Am will actually air on ABC this fall, so stay tuned clippers!
CASCAIS CLIP EAT a snack at Bar do Guincho PRAY that it wont be windy and that you will find a place to park LOVE and become addicted to Santini in Cascais village. The best ice cream in the world - (really). CASTANHEIRA CONNECT -If you need to rent a car, my dear friend Antonio Castanheira owns Portugal's largest car rental Budget.