Monday, June 20, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: The old is the new good

The term espadrille is French and derives from esparto, Catalan name for the tough, wiry Mediterranean grass used in making rope, since the 14th century.
They became popular in the 1940's, when Lauren Bacall's character wore ankle-laced espadrilles, in the movie "Key Largo". The style was revived in the 1980's, due to the success of "Miami Vice"- the shoe was worn by Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson).
...but last weekend, while I was in Ibiza, I spotted my fashionista friend and globetrotter Sara F.R. waiting for me before heading to the beach, with a B&W Chanel pair.
If you happen to swing by any remote Mediterranean village, you can still find the old classics (I got myself a black pair) or go to a Paez shop for a more eclectic range.
If you are in Brazil, you can buy them on Paez Brazil, thanks to a dear friend of mine Cecilia Tanure.


  1. LOVE IT! Are they still available at Chanel?

  2. You can get Paez in Portugal too. Bought mine in Cascais. and if the site isn't working, then find them on FB under Paez Portugal.

  3. Obrigada Laura!
    Great to have the input of other Global and Local clipers! ;--) much appreciate it