Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: Mi casa, su casa.

Despite all the travelling one can do around the world, Portugal is still one of  the most surprising places to visit. The "Connect" you should have? These two: both born in Lisbon, educated in England and as confortable in Asia as they are in South American grounds, the two brothers Bernardo and Duarte D'Eça Leal are not only friends that are like family to me but they are also the team behind a unique guest house called The House of the She-Pine TreeWith breathtaking views of the Sintra hills - UNESCO heritage, this 19th century former farm house is close to the remote village of Sabugo (20 mins away from Lisbon)and it used to belong to the acclaimed Portuguese artist Olavo D'Eça Leal (a.k.a. their grandfather). The guest house features 7 individually furnished guest rooms and  another 6 at its nearby sister property of The Chapel House. If you are in Europe consider booking a weekend here. To me it was the perfect balance between quite time in my suite Pena, relaxing by the pool and fun (one of their talented friends just "happned" to be around) played the guitar by candle lights while we all enjoyed a home cooked meal prepared by London based Chef Antonio Leitao served with the finest Portuguese vino. 
Oh well, just another night at SPT house...


  1. Very nice house!

  2. Ini amei o blog!! Que máximo! Vou entrando pra ver as coisas :-)