Saturday, May 05, 2012

CLIP OF THE DAY: A new point of view....

Hello Clippers, welcome back....! I have missed you - Well, I guess we all need a little alone time...(and for that matter  it  shouldn't necessarily be when things go wrong, which in this case couldn't be more the opposite). But the truth is that we do. To gain some perspective, absorb what really matters and move forward and (hopefully) better. So that's all there was to it - my absence - Gratitude, awareness, consciousness and will to improve. Thank you for your emails letting me know about your favourite CLIPS, how they shaped you in some cases and the things you would like to see changing. So as per your request: I will start by trying to illustrate a more personal view of my travels, picks, discoveries by publishing my own pictures from now on....

Up on the right hand side is the view from my bedroom while in Paris, overlooking Rodin museum where you should go for their nocturnal visit (new from April 2012 onwards) on Wednesdays until 8.45 pm, where light  effects completely alters how you look into his sculptures.

ON TO FASHION More than a French lifestyle statement, Bensimon tennis shoes are a great buy: comfortable, simple, easy and fun. You can get them at 12 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, Paris. (you may also order online). 


Dinner at Market Restaurant 15 Avenue Matignon

Drinks at Matignon 3 Avenue Matignon  

Dance at Le Baron 6 Avenue Marceau

           "And we keep on rollin'.. " xx I.

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