Wednesday, December 21, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: Sao Paulo's new number

Rio's sleek restaurant-lounge inside the planetarium 00 (zero zero) just opened their new doors, this time in São Paulo. 00 has been known in Rio for their lively buoyant scene and its Brazilian/Asian cuisine. After dinner, cocktails are served at the outdoors wooden deck overlooking  Gávea's rock and inside some of Rio’s best DJs spin electronic and house tunes throughout the night turning dancers into habitués. The ´Paulista' 00 is located in Al. Itu, 1466 - Jardins.

CLIP-IT: Try the 00 Fresh (vodka, mint, cranberries, orange).


  1. In addition, at OO (Rio) there is a Dj, his name is Cobra, playing on Saturday's nights...very good vibe !!! Lounge, Trance, Techno and many others music styles.