Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CLIP OF THE WEEK: Christmas Shopping

                                      CLIP special edition wish list: #2 Unique Cameras

A camera...the one that transforms strangers into tourists in other people's world, travellers who go from unknown to a welcome visitor in an instant of a click and by the ilustration of its single print, disposed to everyone's eyes and interpreted only by a few. I call them fastfullovers, the ones who take their cameras with them everywhere, who are fast to love a moment, a shadow, a corner, and full on capturing it as if trying to hold on to a memory beyond its real time. To me it is still one of the greatest human inventions, a fascinating present, an addictive accessory that is more than an object, it has the ability to reflect someone's own way of living. My CLIP Special edition wish list #2 goes to unique cameras: Poloroid and Lomography. Whether you want to portray your family gathering this christmas in a diferent style, capture your holidays, design a photo album for yourself or as a gift, below are some suggestions on what's new and what remains excellent at the fastfullover's universe.

                                                New instant digital Z340 poloroid camera

                                                   Holga 120 3D Lomography camera

                                                          Vintage SX-70 Poloroid camera

                                              Diana fern green camera bag for lomography

                                           New Fisheye Gold edition Lomography camera

                                                Square photo album quattro for lomography

                                                    The polaroid book at Urban Outfitters