Monday, September 12, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: Fashioned by what we love

You know how much I like to CLIP about people that are close to my heart, as they are essentially  the ones who make CONNECT the growing force its becoming. Despite being in New York trying to keep up with all social fashion soireés happening this week, my words today are dedicated to special friend Betina de Luca, recently pointed as Marketing director for Fashion Mall, Rio's chic mall in Brazil. Giving prestige to "Vogue Fashion Night out" Betina has manage to gather the "carioca who is who" from socialites, to fashion designers, upcoming artists and hot musicians; all in one night (way to go Be). The event starts tomorrow Sept 13th at 6pm and it will be hosted by Daslu founder Donata Meirelles (world's biggest fashion store) and  Bruno Astuto who will be raffling beautiful unique pieces by jewellery designers Jack Vartanian (who I clipped about before) and Antonio Bernardo. Another favorite on my CLIP's  is Copacabana Club band (featured on yesterday,'s clip of the day)  who will actually be performing Jazz tunes alongside DJ Nepal, DJ Marcelo and DJ Dudu Garcia throughout the event. De Luca has also made sure that film lovers and fashionistas would be well entertained and Fashion Mall's movie theaters will feature:"Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky" at 18h / "Crazy love by Yves Saint Laurent" at 20h20  / "The September Issue" –at 22h20.

CLIP-IT: Marcelo Ment - A pioneer in the graffiti scene in Rio de Janeiro, who is among those who take their work to the streets and places where it is normally not seen, exchanging experiences with a extraordinary talent and rich pallete. (Ment will be at Fashion Mall tomorrow).

*Endorsements will revert to NGO Rio Eu Amo Eu Cuido, whose one of the main founders is my long time friend and connect ambassador Eduardo Juaçaba.

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