Monday, August 15, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: The beat goes on

Andre do Valle. Think smart, charming, worldtrotter, ex-broker turned into successful music entrepreneur. After living in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Milan, Madrid,  Chicago, Boston and New York he now splits his time between London and Berlin managing Europe's hottest bands of tomorrow, all via his own company Manta Ray. My connection to him? He is the better half of one of my best friends and as I write today's CLIP we both share his living room table turned into an office space at his beautiful London flat and tattler away about the latest on music and connections. I've got this month's British Vogue opened on page 174 (Culture), my headphones on Bombay Bicycle Club's new album: "A different Kind of Fix" and Andre telling me all about their UK tour with his protégé band The Tunics. Launched in 2008 this Indie Rock group of fearless and talented kids from Croydon first got the world's atention with their single "The Cost of living" a powerful song composed as a response for youth violence (a very suitable subject given the current circunstances in London... ) Needless to say that given my personal connection and admiration for my dear friend Andre, I was quick to follow both The Tunics and Bombay Bicycle Club since then, and as they both continue to prove  that the beat goes on, I have The Tunic's "Waiting" single on my ipod and today Bombay Bicycle Club's new single "Suffle"on my mind. So much so that I just got my tickets for BBC on the 15th Sept, Terminal 5, in New York. 

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