Tuesday, July 19, 2011


CLIPPERS: open your calendars and start organizing your next trip to New York for this year's US OPEN, because you are about to experience more than "just" one of the World's largest sports events.....now you are CONNECTED. Miami based luxury concierge GR8 has been kind enough to invite me to a one of a life time adventure this summer (can't wait)! Thanks to my dear friend and GR8 owner Barnabas Carrega I get to share it with you: THE GR8 US OPEN EXPERIENCE. Tickets are available for all sessions and GR8 will show all CONNECT MEMBERS behind the scenes.


- A 4 night hotel stay at Waldorf Astoria Hotel or St. Regis
- Arthur Ashe Stadium US Open 2 Day sessions and 1 Night session(courtside tickets)
- A private lesson & lunch with an ATP legend at UN Millenium Hotel
(where Federer, Nadal, & other stars practice) - my favorite!!
-Spa Treatment at the players’ private spa
-Dinner at your favorite players restaurants and a Broadway Show

CLIP-IT: use your connect account to get access to all different prices and special offers for the US OPEN and GR8 29th Sept-11th Oct 2011. Also start using GR8 when you are next in Miami, and access VIP clubs and all the hot parties around town. (That's what I do when I'm there).