Monday, July 04, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: Portuguese Pride

This is the first of many special CLIPS to come. Its the story behind A Vida Portuguesa.

This special edition of Portuguese soaps was launched in 2008 and it tells the story behing the unique manufacturing of 15 soaps between 1920 e 1960. Confiança company was founded in 1894 in Braga, in the northern region of Portugal and the illustrations of each package represent the history and heritage behind of one of the most traditional countries in the world. Today these small boxes can be found in any luxurious boutique in London, New York, Tokio, and across the globe. Picture Perfect: Details of this one: box with 2 soaps with the theme: Tamariz (a known beach in Estoril, Portugal) and Monte Carlo, wrapped on archived paper that is more than 100years old.

CLIP-IT: I've got them on my drawers (they smell great)! Its also the perfect house gift or small remembrance to a friend for less than $20.


  1. Gostei do conceito desenvolvido no site da marca e do design envolvido em todos os produtos. O que é nacional é bom! :)

  2. Ely! Nunca tinhas visto o site da VIDA PORTUGUESA? É o maximo mesmo! Eu sou a MAIOR FA!!