Friday, July 29, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: More Missoni

Few years ago I met Margherita Missoni, Marc Jacob's favorite IT girl, fashion princess and Missoni's heiress...truth is we share a few friends in common from New York and Rio, one thing led to another and I had to choice but to admire even more this incredible family! Later on I interviewed Margherita for Vogue when she became Missoni's Fragrance Ambassador. (you can read it on CONNECT under press by Ines Coelho). Since that interview Missoni fashion Brand and the prestigious Hotel chain “Rezidor Hotel Group” designed their first Missoni Hotel which opened in Edinburgh in 2009. Each detail was beautifully created by Rosita Missoni (Margherita's grandmother and Missoni's creative director). The Hotel is as opulent, effervescent and hip as the brand itself. 
As a well-connected Clipper, I give you the inside scoop and let you prepare your holiday diaries in advance, so you are always in the loop with the latest before everyone else. After openning in Kwait, the world gets More from Missoni: 2014 welcomes Missoni Hotel in the Cajaíba exclusive island in Brazil! Needless to say I've placed a Clip on it....

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