Saturday, July 09, 2011

CLIP OF THE DAY: More fun & More Glam

What's next in the Clubbing world? CHIC playrooms - More fun basically.

Good pal Guy Pelly has launched PUBLIC this year in London, Chelsea's most exclusive warehouse and Prince William's new favorite night club. The space features exposed brick work walls and glamorous deep red leather booth seating. The best part? A custume made photo booth where you and your friends can try out for some artistic shoots between cocktails and hiting the dance floor.

Today I have Clipped my must-check out when next in L.A.: The Spare Room, Hollywood's triendiest "playroom", on the mezzanine level of the Roosevelt Hotel.
What to find? Two vintage bowling lanes, custom-made sets of dominoes, a speakeasy cocktail lounge scene with its lavish and unique decoration. Together, they form The Spare Room "that oozes civilized illegality and pays homage to the real goings-on at the storied hotel in the 1920s".

I'm all for glam & fun - so both these spaces are definatelly a "CLIPPER"!

Hope you have as much fun as Im about to have today too....heading to my best friend's wedding at the legendary Quinta Patino tonight. (...and she is wearing Ellie Saab)! xxx

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